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SORBALGON  5cm x 5cm       10τεμ.

SORBALGON  10cm x 10cm    10τεμ.

SORBALGON  10cm x 20cm    5τεμ.

SORBALGON  Κορδόνι   1gr/30cm     3τεμ.

SORBALGON Κορδόνι    2gr/30cm     5τεμ.

~~The calcium-alginate dressing with excellent conformability.

Sorbalgon is made of calcium alginate fibers which form a hydrophilic non-adherent gel in contact with the sodium salts contained in blood and wound exudate. The gel-forming properties promote the wound healing process.

Basically for the treatment of external wounds of any type, but especially suitable for the treatment of bleeding and exudating wounds, since the gel-forming properties promote the wound healing process as e.g. in Ulcus cruris venosum, decubitus, abscesses, furuncles, burns and for difficult-to-treat wounds in accident or tumour surgery; for deep wounds and fistula passages Sorbalgon T is available.

Επίθεμα αλγινικού ασβεστίου για εύκολο επιπωματισμό.